TIMS Medical & Healthcare Team is a major competitor in the global healthcare market because of its extensive industry experience as well as its innovative manufacturing processes and medical-grade raw materials that meet FDA standards. All facets of production, from injection molding or thermoforming to final assembly and packaging are performed within class 10K or 100K clean room environments. We understand the medical industry manufacturing standards, and comply with FDA requirements. We develop validation protocols and inspection standards to assure that production is always at the highest quality.

Our expertise in the Medical and Healthcare field includes the manufacturing of:

  • Microbiology/Labware
    (Microplates, PCR Tubes, Reagent Reservoirs and Cartridges, Bottles, Blood Collection, Fluid Dispensing, Diagnostics
  • Single-use systems
    (Vascular delivery systems; Gynecological Inspections, Handles)
  • Drug delivery systems
    (Inhalable, Transdermal, Nebulisers, Needle-less)
  • Dental, surgical and orthopedic instruments
    (Speculums, Arthroscopic Surgery Burs, Disposable Instruments)
  • Multi-use/Steralizable systems
    (Handles, Housings, Instruments)
  • Thermoformed packaging solutions
    (Surgical Trays, Precision Liquid Transfer Applications, Clamshell Packaging)


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